Po spędzeniu 2…

2 Jul


Po spędzeniu 28 godzin w samochodzie, przejechaniu 3000 km, wypiciu hektolitrów kawy i energy drinków jesteśmy na miejscu w Portugalii. Mieszkamy w Peniche zaraz przy spocie. Cały pierwszy dzień spędziliśmy na surfingu. Drugiego dnia pojechaliśmy na lagoonę, żeby potrenować Freestyle. Nasze nowe deseczki Su-2 spisują się rewelacyjnie. Mają wielki pop, a lądowania są stabilne i dziecinnie proste. Jeszcze raz wielkie podziękowania dla firmy SU-2!!! Poniżej kilka zdjęć.



Guajiru retrospection #2

24 Mar

313 today:

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Guajiru retrospection #1

22 Mar

Here is my low front sequence from Brazil. I’ve got some more tricks from that lagoon so I will be publishing them this week.

Let me know in comments what u want to watch tomorrow- 317 crash vs. dbl back 2 wrapped ???

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1st place in KTA Thailand!

18 Mar


Today is the last day of KTA event here in Thailand. Luckily for me it wasn’t windy enough for double elimination and I didn’t have to kite today. So my result from the single elimination is now official!

I’m happy because yesterday I had a huge crush so I wouldn’t probably be able to do my best in competition today. Everything is fine but my knee is so swollen now that I have to take few days off. It’s a pity because I’ve never felt so good on the water and I wanted to give a true show for the public in doubles. Conditions in Pranburi have been perfect lately- flat water and steady wind which allowed me to land even hardest tricks first try.

Here are movies from the event:



zawody race!!!

13 Mar

Miałem okazję w Wietnamie pierwszy raz spróbować jak się pływa na tych szatańskich rejsówkach. W sumie było bardzo śmiesznie- w życiu bym się nie spodziewał, że to takie trudne jest.

Oto efekty:

cable fail

13 Mar

Because forecast still sucked we went again to the cable park yesterday. This time we were a huge group of desperate kitesurfers (after one week of no wind). I mean one day before that it even RAINED heavily so we had to go wakeboarding.

When we arrived at the cable it turned out that it’s closed. They told us that they were repairing it and it might be finished before 5 o’clock. It was 1 o’clock so we decided to go back to Pranburi. But Thai people are very kind so they offered us free passes to the nearby aquapark. They said that we could come back later when all repairs would be finished.  So instead of kickers we hit some slides. It was fun but after one hour we run out of ideas what to do there.

In the end waterpark staff didn’t fix the cable on time so we had to come back with no wake thrill this time.


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Black Mountain Waterpark

12 Mar

It’s not going good lately. Forecasts are not promising and I haven’t had good session for one week or so.

BUT we went to a cable park in Hua Hin 2 days ago and it was awesome! It felt so good to finally do something else than waiting on the beach or playing pool.

Anyway the cable itself is sweet and quite cheap (4hours- 25$). Unfortunately people who run it don’t really know how to do it (they use jetski to pick up everybody from the water- “Waves before the kicker, WTF?!?”).  I hope they will put some more obsticles and promote the place better because location for the cable is perfect! The problem is that the owner is a golf guy who (what I heard) doesn’t really care about it.

I will probably be back there today.

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