KTA Vietnam edit

8 Mar


Here’s the movie from KTA event in Mui Ne.



Thailand !!!

24 Feb

I’m in Thailand now with Sam Medysky, Dave Drinkwater and Craig Cunningham. We left Vietnam together and so far we’ve been having great time. First day in Pranburi was windless but yesterday we had sick flatwater session behind a pier. It was awesome!

Today we are just about to hit a slider.  We are still waiting for more wind and we are ready to go.

Stay tuned!

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prize-giving ceremony

24 Feb

Here are some pics from the last evening of KTA competition. I’ve never seen so well organised price giving. After that we hit a party in POGO. Every event should be orginised like KTA in Mui Ne.


22 Feb

I think we were very lucky to have that one day of wind during KTA. It started blowing in the morning which is a bit unusual here in Mui Ne. Lucky enough I wasn’t in the first heat because those guyes were struggling more with going upwind than doing their tricks. In my opinion judges should cancel their heat but after that one it picked up so we just moved on to next heats. As we progressed with single elimination wind was getting stronger and stronger. I won first 3 heats felling pretty confident on the water. I could land my low front mobes to heelside, late mobes and front mobes to blind.

Before the final conditions got really tough. I pumped my 7 meter and went against Sam Medysky. It was so hard to find some space to jump there- and gusty, strong wind didn’t help at all with it. I think we both crushed a lot but at the end Sam was the one who sticked couple of stylish moves and he claimed the first place.

Still happy with the second place and very motivated after having my ass kicked I went back for a quick nap. Later that evening I had a nice dinner at Kinn club house. All riders gathered there so we discussed heats, best tricks and forecast (as we do it always). Apparently windguru didn’t predict much wind for us so double elimination wasn’t a sure thing.

After that day I realized that I missed all of this so much.

Yeah… I’m really motivated to compete right now.

KTA opening ceremony + first day

16 Feb

Our Polish crew went yesterday to take part in KTA opening ceremony. It began with a speech that we couldn’t understand but everyone clapped after words “buffet” and “let’s begin the party”. There were some flowers passed and some pleasent words said.  After that we all stood up and tried food which was prepared right on the beach for all riders and crew members. During the meal we watched a local magician’s show and talked with Przemo and Kasia since we hadn’t seen each other for quite some time.  They just arrived here two days ago and for me it’s really cool because I was sure that I will be the only one from Poland competing here.

First day started traditionally with skippers meeting. What can I say more… There was no wind so we spent whole day sitting on the beach doing nothing. I can’t understand this because for last 4 weeks I’ve had wind every day.

Everything depends on tomorrow- windguru shows very light wind but it might be enough to do singles.


vintage session

15 Feb

I registered for the KTA event today. There’s not much wind and the forecast is damn horrible but I hope it will change in a few days. This afternoon I tried to kite though. Wind was really light but I pumped my secret weapon- 13m big mamma! I could barely go upwind and I managed to do couple of simple tricks only. But it was worth it because my friend Tommy brought his camera and took me some pictures. I wanted to edit them somehow and I decided to give them a little vintage look. I don’t know why but I always think about those low wind sessions as old times when I was amazed to land my first handlepasses. So eventually I think that these photos look really cool with the “new” old school style.

More news after Openning Ceremony which takes place this evening!

Lake Lotus

10 Feb

Once we went 30 km north to try kiting on a so called Lotus lake. It is a beautiful place with huge dunes and fresh water lagoon. I’ve never heard about anyone kiting there tough so we weren’t sure if everything is right with this spot. First I thought about crocodiles but it appears that they were seen there last time about 25 years ago. Anyway we drived there on our bikes with fully charged gopros and cameras. When we got there it was pretty windy so we took our kites and headed to those big dunes. Unfortunatelly it started raining somehow. It was just a drizzle but the wind stopped blowing almost instantly. After 15 minutes it cleared up so we pumped our kites. I don’t know if it was because of the rain but the wind was very gusty and we couldn’t even go upwind. And more to that only I managed to come back to the beach. My two friends were going more and more downwind and finally we knew they wouldn’t make it. After maybe an hour Daniel came back with his gear and a story how he could’t get out from the water thanks to floating lotos. Conditions hadn’t improved in any way since we came there so after few more tries I had to give up. On the way back our bike got a flat tire.

Yeaaah… It wasn’t the most successful day.